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High Visibility Clothes

1. Introduction

Hi- Vis Clothes also known as High Visibility Clothes are specially designed so that you don’t go unnoticed while working in the dangerous area. People working in the areas of danger like on roads at night, going in drainages etc. are strictly asked to adhere to these type of clothing. High visibility clothes are also termed as a way of personal protection equipment (PPE) as people usually wear these for their own safety. The main criteria kept in mind while designing these is that the person should be visible from a distance with any background behind.

2. About clothes

The ideas are to prevent the accidents that happen during night time. The workers who usually work in a dark environment or in different backgrounds. Since the colours used are generally fluorescent and are easily visible. The background colours of dress could be either yellow-green or red-orange. However, the band on the dress is usually made of retro-reflective clothing.

3. Color Variations

Depending on the place of use there could be different colours for different working places. This selection is purely based on ANSI 107 standards. These standards usually point that the worker should not wear the same colour as the colour of traffic stands. As it might cause the problem to the driver and chances of accident increases in such cases. Furthermore, the colour should not match with the colour of vehicles at a construction site, a colour similar to the emergency vehicles etc. they should always be different from what is already present there.

4. Classes

Based on the type of work there could be 3 classes of high visibility clothing. The classes usually differ on the basis of material, colour and the retro-reflective material used. Class 1 has a minimum amount of retroreflective material in them. Class 2 is usually good for the day time activities, whereas Class 3 helps in making worker visible from the miles.

All the description of such clothing could help you identify the right one for right time.